Sherlock Holmes Book #2 – Locked Room Murder Mystery – available now!

Book #2 Available Now! August 2018 release (click here)



SECOND BOOK in a new series of Sherlock Holmes thrillers! 

All novels are available at, Barnes and Noble online and book stores, as well as other fine shops

Amelia Scarcliffe’s monstrous brood, harbingers of Cthulhu, will soon spawn. Her songs spell insanity, death…and illimitable wealth. And Moriarty will do anything to get his hands on gold, even if it means tearing down the walls between this world and a realm of horrors.

Meanwhile, after Sherlock Holmes’s last tangle with the Order of Dagon, horrifying monsters haunt the Thames, and madness stalks the streets of Whitechapel. Gang war between Moriarty’s thugs and the powerful cult can only bring more terror–unless Holmes and Dr. Watson can prevent it. But can they find the cause of the neural psychoses before Watson himself succumbs?

Praise for the Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu series

“A rollicking read for its enjoyable literary mash-up as well as its genuinely great rendering of both Holmes and Watson” — STARBURST

“A wild, exciting and thoroughly satisfying collision of otherworldly horror an deductive reasoning.” — Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Held me spellbound…more!” — Nancy Holder, New York Times Bestselling Author

“An irresistible eldritch mystery.” — Christopher Golden, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Grand fun!” — Leslie Klinger

“Engrossing.” — Crime Fiction Lover

“Pure, good trippy fun.” — Geek Dad


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