DARK FUSIONS – Table of Contents

pre_DarkFusionsDARK FUSIONS: Where Monsters Lurk
(PS Publishing, Oct 2013)

Table of Contents

Introduction by Lois H. Gresh

1. The Rest is Noise by Nicholas Kaufmann
2. Beneath Their Shoulders by Norman Prentiss
3. Ignis Fatuus by Scott David Aniolowski and T.E. Grau
4. The Flea Circus by Cody Goodfellow
5. The Corpse Detective by Darrell Schweitzer
6. When the Stars Run Away by Ann K. Schwader
7. Reign by Michael Marano
8. Golden State by Lisa Morton
9. Sidestep by Lynn Spitz
10. Five-Star Review by David Sakmyster
11. Little Bastards by John D. Haefele
12. Gurrl UnDeleted by Nancy Kilpatrick
13. Thirst by James Alan Gardner
14. What Was Called by Nick Cato
15. Faceless by Yvonne Navarro
16. Death Eater by Christopher Fulbright
17. Aunt Paloma by Mark McLaughlin
18. Medieval Metaphysics by Robert M. Price

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