nyacademy Giving a talk at the New York Academy of Sciences about The Science of Stephen King.
ancientaliens Appearing on Ancient Aliens, History Channel.
0PerugiaSF10 Guest of Honor Writer at the Perugia, Italy Science Festival, held in medieval underground tunnels. Here, I’m talking about The Science of Superheroes and The Science of Supervillains.
NecroDinner A very fun evening as Guest of Honor Writer at NecronomiCon. (left to right around the table): Jason Brock, Mandy Slater, Les Klinger, Ramsey Campbell, Michael Marshall Smith, Jenny Campbell, Arie, Bodek, me, Sunni Brock, Bill Nolan. Photo by Steve Jones.
JonathanMaberry_DCon2014 With Jonathan Maberry, DragonCon 2014.
GOH_RocCon2014 As Guest of Honor Writer RocCon 2014.
CRyanabo Charlie Ryan, Editor of Aboriginal SF. Charlie bought my third qualifying story for professional-level membership in SFWA, circa 1993. It was difficult to go pro in those days, so I was intensely grateful to Charlie. I wrote “Algorithms and Nasal Structures” while sitting at night in a graduate-level computer science class called “Algorithms and Data Structures.”
cyborg At about the same time Charlie bought “Algorithms and Nasal Structures,” I somehow won a national writing contest. My story, “Digital Pistil,” appeared in a graduate-level robotics textbook called The Cyborg Handbook, which apparently was published in multiple languages. My story represented the future of cyborg SF alongside a Philip K. Dick story representing early cyborg SF. At the time, I thought this was just about the coolest thing that had ever happened to me!
sm_lhgFossilbeach On the Jurassic Coast, England, after World Fantasy Convention 2013 in Brighton.
sm_LhgAvebury In Avebury, England, after World Fantasy Convention 2013.
At the Grand Slam Star Trek Convention 2000, displaying The Computers of Star Trek, which I co-authored with Bob Weinberg.

Chekov (Walter Koenig) gave us a great quote for the book. Once again, as had been the case earlier with The Cyborg Handbook, I thought life couldn’t get much cooler.

Captain Kirk aka William Shatner at the Grand Slam Star Trek Convention 2000. The girl on stage had strapped numerous switched-on video cameras to her body and tried very hard to get him to kiss her.

Apparently, Shatner is smarter than Kirk. He didn’t acquiesce. (I’ve always figured she got a lot of video of the inside of Shatner’s nose.)

As an aside, I met Mr. Spock–I mean, Leonard Nimoy–in 2001, when we were signing books next to each other at BookExpo America. Nimoy was a true gentleman and very kind to me. His line of fans ran around the block, yet he spoke to me at length during our half hour together. Mr. Spock! Does life get any cooler?

Lo_indy_2008Gresh--Indy_cover_190 Visiting the bizarre “Indiana Jones Gifts Shop” in Petra, Jordan after writing The Many Mysteries of Indiana Jones with co-author Bob Weinberg.
Lima_IncaKolaLimaPerubones Drinking Inca Cola in Peru with a friend from India.

I wrote Cult of the Dead in Lima (while shivering from the garua fog) after visiting the vast medieval burial tunnels.

French tunnels
French tunnels2
With a friend from Russia and another from China, I spent a day in the underground tunnel system carved for miles beneath Blois, France. We went 6-7 levels down with only handheld lanterns for light. Here’s a Charles de Gaulle emblem carved into the rock during WWII, when people hid in the tunnels to avoid Nazis.

I wrote Dearest Daddy based on my adventures in these tunnels.

glam My first (and only) author’s “glamour shot.” World Science Fiction Convention 1996, Laguna Beach, CA.
RenaLois One of my favorite photos – with my daughter Rena, who was a few months old.
LoisArthurSmithies18_sm Since I’m heading down Memory Lane, here’s a photo of me at eighteen with my cat, Arthur Smithies.
MariaCallasNorma0 Maria Callas as Bellini’s Norma.  
Holmes_forweb Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, NOW
SH_forWeb2 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, THEN 
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