Nice news during bad coronatimes

How often do we get good news of any kind these days? It seems that our news is never anything other than negative – political and global nightmares, hostility and division, violent riots, corruption, the death of innocent people due to coronavirus. Most of us know people who have died from coronavirus, and most of us know people who have become horribly ill yet survived. Some of us have been hit hard by the virus, yet we’re hanging in there…somehow.

Writers work alone. For decades. We do this work because we  want to communicate how we feel about the human condition. We do it because we love language, the flow and rhythm of prose. We do it because it’s fun to come up with new ideas and occupy the heads of our characters. Most important, we do it to entertain people. We hope our work provides some relief from daily stress, problems, anxieties, and general malaise.

Today, something lovely popped up, and it lifted my spirits, so I want to share it. This is a wonderful review of my Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu trilogy.

Huge thanks to The British Fantasy Society and to Matthew Johns. It is for people like you that I have spent my life at the keyboard. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone on the journey.

By Lois H. Gresh

Titan Books, pb, £7.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns on March 1, 2020

The third and final of Gresh’s saga of Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu sees Holmes and Watson travelling to America to do battle with Cthulhu, save the planet and close the Deadly Dimensions once and for all.

Arriving in Innsmouth, the detective duo (accompanied by Watson’s wife Mary, his infant son Samuel and Samuel’s nursemaid, Fortuna) find themselves in a place that seems very alien. The population of Innsmouth is grossly mutated, and the very air seems thick with evil. Staying in a mansion owned by a crotchety old Innsmouthian, his younger wife, her very devoted doctor and two children that are never seen or heard, strange things start to happen. Professor Moriarty also turns up in Innsmouth with a view to killing some of the village elders so he can take control, but like Holmes initially underestimates the power and overall strangeness of his surroundings. As Great Cthulhu and Dagon emerge, the town turns into a Dante-esque vision of Hell with ice raining from the skies and gigantic waves destroying part of the town and killing many of the faithful townsfolk; Holmes and Watson seem lost and powerless.

Holmes’ devotion to logic and science is well-documented, and as the world around them seems to descend into madness, will Holmes succumb and end up victim to the nefarious plotting of Moriarty or the Cthulhu-worshipping Dagonites?

Gresh’s writing is a delight to behold – she manages to merge two very popular genres together, remaining faithful to both and without it seeming ungainly. Holmes’ battle with not just Cthulhu, but also to remain sane is depicted superbly. Watson soldiers along stoically as ever, questioning his own sanity, strength and fortitude, but loyally remaining by the side of his friend throughout. Packed with action, adventure and weirdness, this is a fitting finale to Gresh’s triumphant trilogy.


SHERLOCK HOLMES – BOOK #3 Cover & Description

Here it is: the cover of BOOK #3 in my series of new Sherlock Holmes thrillers from Titan Books/Random House USA.

I love it! Many thanks to Titan Books in London for this spectacular tentacle-crazed cover.

BOOK #3 Description: 

Both Fitzgerald and Moriarty travel to Innsmouth, the stronghold of the cult of the Old Ones. Holmes and Watson follow them across the ocean and discover a structure designed to enable the Old Ones to flood into our world and  unleash horrors that — unless stopped — will annihilate all of humanity. Yet when it is destroyed people continue to mutate and go mad. Cthulhu rises over Devil Reef, ready to unleash his minions. In an epic battle — logic vs. brawn — Holmes must defeat Cthulhu and permanently seal the deadly dimensions. 



My sincere thanks to readers and reviewers who post such kind comments about my books. You keep me going during tough times.

Nothing makes me happier than succeeding in giving you entertaining and fun diversions from day-to-day life. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that you went on the wild ride with me.






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“If you like your detective stories with a dash of the occult, Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu: The Adventure of the Neural Psychoses is for you. Holmes vs. Cthulhu, what more could you want?”
– Horror Channel UK

“An excellent mash up of Doyle and Lovecraft that I can’t help but applaud. Gresh masters both [Holmes and Lovecraft] perfectly and exceedingly, I was completely blown away! The characters of Holmes and Watson were perfect renderings that even Doyle would approve of. The plot line was amazing, it wasn’t too OTT making it silly or ridiculous, it was just the right amount of terrifying meets bizarre and worked wonderfully. A trilogy that any fans of Sherlock, Lovecraft, SFF or historical fantasy would love.”
– Tygpress Book Reviews

“The author yet again nailed Holmes and Watson’s personalities… I cannot wait for the final book in this series.”
– Terror Tree UK

“Lois is leading the charge in revitalizing a rich and interesting character with new challenges”
– Always Trust in Books

“A rollicking read for its enjoyable literary mash-up as well as its genuinely great rendering of both Holmes and Watson”
– Starburst

“A wild, exciting and thoroughly satisfying collision of otherworldly horrors and deductive reasoning”
– Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Held me spellbound…more!”
– Nancy Holder, New York Times Bestselling Author

“An irresistible eldritch mystery”
– Christopher Golden, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Grand fun!”
– Leslie Klinger, World Authority on Sherlock Holmes

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