DragonCon 2016

DragonCon remains one of my favorite cons of the year. I was on 6 panels this year, but don’t ask me to remember the titles. : ) Along with panels (and I need to do more next year), fun at DragonCon means hanging out at the Westin Writers’ BarCon, as my editor Steve Saffel coins it. There I met a lot of really wonderful people and enjoyed great conversations. Where else can I talk about Dungeons & Dragons with The Hulk? 

I didn’t take as many photos this year as I usually do, but here are a few to give you a slight feel for the experience of DragonCon 2016.

I took this photo of the audience from my Asylums panel.


I especially liked this costume. It has a Cthulhu-like feel to it.


A memorable costume – one of hundreds.


Early Friday evening before the crowds swelled. Saturday night was INSANE!


We enjoyed dancing to a great band called The Mummies:



BOUCHERCON 2016: Photos


Lee Child with Lois Gresh (and yes, I was so thrilled I almost fainted) bcon2016_leechildloisgresh

Michael Connelly with Harlan Coben bcon2016_michaelconnelly_harlancoben

Breakfast at Jimmy J’s with the Sherlockians: Michael McKuras, Lois Gresh, Les Klinger, Gary Thaden, Bonnie MacBird, Andy Thaden, Michael Robertson, Dana Cameron, Laurie R. King, Julie McKuras bcon2016_sherlockianbfast

THE SHERLOCK PANEL. Moderator Les Klinger, left to right: Michael Robertson, Bonnie MacBird, Lois Gresh, Terence Faherty and Laura Caldwell bcon2016_sherlockpanel_0

THE SHERLOCK PANEL. Top Row: Michael Robertson, TP Faherty, Les Klinger, Front Row Lois Gresh, Bonnie MacBird, Laura Caldwell bcon2016_sherlockpanel_1



Bizarre geometries lead members of a secluded cult to build strange constructs. When completed, these items enable other-worldly creatures to enter our dimension. A series of grisly murders rocks London. At each location, only a jumble of bones remains of the victim, along with a bizarre sphere of bone covered in strange symbols. The son of the latest victim seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes, who in turn recruits his former partner, Dr. John Watson.

Cult of the Dead: Review in Black Static

CULT OF THE DEAD: Review in Black Static

Derrick Hussey of Hippocampus Press recently sent me a wonderful review of my book, CULT OF THE DEAD, from the current Black Static magazine. Hearty thanks to the reviewer for the kind words!


Story by story, here are some excerpts.

Cult of the Dead: The supernatural aspects are fascinating and have a novelty to them that is missing from most material in this vein, while playing counterpoint to the outré elements is an awareness of human suffering and human greed, things that negatively impact on each other. And while it may not be entirely agreeable to non-Incans, there is a rightness to the story’s end that makes the reader want to cheer.

Dreams of Death: It’s a fascinating tale, one in which even though the protagonist is doomed to fail we cannot help but feel for him and share in the triumphalism of his end.

Necrotic Cove: an engaging study of resentment and what it can do, how we use each other even when we don’t intend to do so

Old Enough to Drink: remarkable and disturbing imagery

Death Doll: Beautifully written, ‘Death Doll’ gives us an original take on the Grim Reaper, with a baby spared only to cause complications further down the line, the story arguing for the rightness of death in its time. I loved the ideas being put forth, and the first person off kilter narration by Death.

Let Me Make You Suffer: a fascinating brew of science, sex, and horror.

The Lagoon of Insane Plants: Endless invention and a constant playing with the tropes of this sub genre. Enjoyable and provocative.

Debutante Ball: a strange and savage story, one in which the feminism bleeds from the text.

Snip My Suckers: the narrative reading like a version of Little Shop of Horrors on speed, I loved every blackly comedic moment of it.

PsychoMildew Love: There’s a gonzo quality to ‘Psychomildew Love’, the story of witch Cora and how she realises her passion for neighbour Warren by turning him into an ant eater, and while it should be absurd Gresh’s prose and her willingness to go the extra bit further into madcap invention result in a story that I thoroughly enjoyed

Algorithms and Nasal Structures: It’s full of ideas and has about it a feel of just desserts served for those most deserving. I liked Amy, and Frank was believable, but not especially likable, which worked fine for the story. And the thing with the scents added an element of novelty.

Digital Pistil: We get another manic story with ‘Digital Pistil’, the tale of two digital flowers in love, which is as crazy as it sounds, but done with considerable panache and conviction, so that their affair plays out like the mirror image of so many unhappy human relationships, with the cat High and Mighty performing a catalytic role.

Mandelbrot Moldrot: charming and inventive…the reader can’t help but be entertained

DragonCon Programming Schedule

I’ll be a Programming Guest at  DragonCon (Atlanta, GA) Sept 1-5, 2016. Please feel free to stop by and chat. Better yet, bring your books for signing AND chat! 

Here’s my current programming schedule:

Murder, Mystery, and Monsters
Combining the elements of mystery and crime fiction with the imagery of horror.
Fri 11:30 am Location: Peachtree 1-2 – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)

Frayed Ends of Sanity: Asylums in Horror
An exploration of the role of sanitariums in horror.
Sat 05:30 pm Location: Chastain I – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)

Genre-Bending–Making it Work for You
Great ideas sometimes splatter across genre divisions. How can it work to your benefit? How can you turn that great idea into a great novel?
Sun 05:30 pm Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Short Shocks to the System
The art of crafting unforgettable short horror fiction.
Sun 08:30 pm Location: Chastain I – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)

The Writing Process
We know writers write. But how do they write? What process do they follow to generate the wonderful stories we love to read? 
Sun 10:00 pm Location: Embassy AB – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Influences of Myth and Legend on Today’s Fantasy
How to use myths and legends to enrich your fiction.

Mon 01:00 pm Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

SHERLOCK HOLMES: My Roc-Con Guest of Honor Talk

I’ll be Writer Guest of Honor at ROC-CON (Rochester, NY) Sept 9-11, 2016.

My talk is currently scheduled for 2 pm.



Lois H. Gresh, author of three forthcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES novels, discusses why we can’t get enough of Holmes, Watson, Moriarty, Mycroft, and Mrs. Hudson. Is our current obsession with Holmes due to Benedict Cumberbatch? Or is it something else? Lois’ SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE ADVENTURE OF THE DEADLY DIMENSIONS will be available in April, 2017, from Titan Books, England’s premier publisher of all things Holmes, with Random House distribution in the USA.

BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR: Honorable Mentions

Thanks to Ellen Datlow for choosing two of my stories for Honorable Mentions in BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR (Volume 8, 2015):

  • Lois H. Gresh, Werewolf Root Canal, MARK OF THE BEAST (ed., Scott David Aniolowski)
  • Lois H. Gresh, Of Queens and Pawns, THAT IS NOT DEAD (ed., Darrell Schweitzer)

To sample my short fiction, grab a copy of CULT OF THE DEAD.

“Gresh’s elegant and mellifluous prose, the imaginative power of her weird conceptions, and her skill in leading the reader step by step to a terrifying denouement make every one of her tales a well-crafted jewel of weird fiction.”
— S.T. Joshi

(CULT OF THE DEAD, Hippocampus Press, July 2015)
Available at Amazon.

INNSMOUTH NIGHTMARES: Best Horror of the Year



INNSMOUTH NIGHTMARES – now available as a $5.49 e-book!

Three stories are in top BEST OF THE YEAR 2015 anthologies:

  • –Steve Rasnic Tem’s excellent INNSMOUTH NIGHTMARES story, Beneath the Pilings, THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2015 (editor, Ellen Datlow)
  • –John Shirley’s excellent INNSMOUTH NIGHTMARES story, Windows Underwater, THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY & HORROR (editor, Paula Guran)
  • –Tim Lebbon’s excellent INNSMOUTH NIGHTMARES story, Strange Currents, YEAR’S BEST WEIRD FICTION 2015 (editors, Michael Kelly & Simon Strantzas)

Six stories received Honorable Mentions in THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2015 (editor, Ellen Datlow)



I’ll be at three conventions in September.  Please stop by, chat, and get your books signed!

As soon as I have my schedules, I’ll post them on my website and blog.

DragonCon is always trippy, with 65,000 people or so attending. It’s one of my favorites. I love the costumes, shows, parade, masquerade, music, and panels: i.e., everything

Alicia Lurye always does a fabulous job at organizing and running Roc-Con, which attracts 3-5,000 people. Last year, I got to hang out with Brent Spiner: Data from TNG! This year, Alicia’s bringing in Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk. I hung out with him once before, way back in 2000 at the Grand Slam Star Trek Convention in CA. Returning again this year is J.G. Hertzler, General Martok from DS9 – he’s a GREAT guy & loads of fun! 

This will be my first time as a Programming Guest at BoucherCon World Mystery Convention. Heather Graham, who is SUPER, is bringing in Harlan Coben, R.L. Stine, and David Morell, among others. 

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