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I’ll be at three conventions in September.  Please stop by, chat, and get your books signed!

As soon as I have my schedules, I’ll post them on my website and blog.

DragonCon is always trippy, with 65,000 people or so attending. It’s one of my favorites. I love the costumes, shows, parade, masquerade, music, and panels: i.e., everything

Alicia Lurye always does a fabulous job at organizing and running Roc-Con, which attracts 3-5,000 people. Last year, I got to hang out with Brent Spiner: Data from TNG! This year, Alicia’s bringing in Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk. I hung out with him once before, way back in 2000 at the Grand Slam Star Trek Convention in CA. Returning again this year is J.G. Hertzler, General Martok from DS9 – he’s a GREAT guy & loads of fun! 

This will be my first time as a Programming Guest at BoucherCon World Mystery Convention. Heather Graham, who is SUPER, is bringing in Harlan Coben, R.L. Stine, and David Morell, among others. 

PHOTOS & FUN STUFF! Click here to read all the dirt about me and see some cool photos.

From Lois’ Trivia Box

0422a_MythosHPLEvery now and then, I dig through my Trivia Box (yes, I actually have one) and post photos of some of the writing-related items I’ve accumulated over the years.

I have a bunch of SFWA membership cards ranging back to 1993, when I first qualified as a supposed professional.

My father would have been thrilled. A science fiction addict, he went to the library every week and stocked the house with science fiction and current affairs books. Growing up, I had little interest in current affairs aka politics, but oh, did I love those SF novels!

Also in the photo is an H.P. Lovecraft card from the Mythos game. My son and I enjoyed countless hours playing Mythos, and along with the “Insane Mother” card, which my son particularly enjoyed — gee, I wonder why? — this card was a favorite.

I have to note here that we got almost all of our cards from Bob Weinberg. Apparently, Bob had many cartons of Mythos cards in his “book business warehouse.” He told me that the game wasn’t particularly popular, so he was stuck with a lot of cards and I was welcome to them.

In the 90s, writers were into buttons and often passed them out at conventions. Most of these buttons were along the lines of “I’m an Author, please feed my creditors” and “Writers deserve royalties.” I collected quite a few and tossed them all into the Trivia Box back home.

0422b_buttons96Other than “starving author” buttons, I also ended up with more interesting momentoes, such as “Cthulhu in ’96” and “House of Blues – French Quarter” from the World Fantasy Convention in New Orleans.

Oh yes, and the rubber finger in the photo: Adam-Troy Castro gave this to me at a convention in the 90s.

Which brings me to the rubber teeth, shown below, that Leslie What sent to me as a gift. These are refrigerator magnets. I’ve had them since the mid-90s. I’m not sure why this photo includes an old penny. Perhaps I found it as a convention – ? Yeah, probably.


New York State Balloon Festival

0422c1_skyOfBalloons1I didn’t know what to expect when attending the New York State Balloon Festival for the first time. I figured hot air balloons would be part of the Festival, but I had no idea how many to expect or what they might look like.

Approximately two dozen balloons were on the ground, ready to fill and billow into the sky. Some never made it off the ground, and sadly, my favorite – a purple dinosaur balloon – was in that category. Balloons filled, tottered for fifteen minutes, then collapsed. Others filled and simply rose. In the end, almost twenty balloons filled the sky – all at once!

Aside from the purple dinosaur, these two balloons were my next favorites:



The sun was right behind the launch field, so it was tough to take clear photos.

As the day bled into evening, a translucent green balloon passed over the sun, creating a beautiful eclipse effect.



Here are a few photos of the balloons on the ground.



And here are a few more of them in the sky.