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World Horror Convention – schedule

Stop by my panels at World Horror Convention!

  • Friday, May 8th at 5 pm. The Real True Detective: When Horror Meets Noir, Mystery and Spy Thrillers
  • Saturday, May 9th at 9 am. Making Insane Characters Believable
  • Saturday, May 9th at 3 pm. Weird Fiction Renaissance


FRI 5-6 PM The Real True Detective: When Horror Meets Noir, Mystery and Spy Thrillers – SARNATH

How dark does neo-noir horror have to be? Where do the lines fall where crime fiction becomes horror. Practitioners of the art of crime and thriller fiction shed light on the limits of human depravity.

SAT 9-10 AM Midmorning Madness: Making Insane Characters Believable – SARNATH

From classics like Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” to Stephen King’s Misery, to more contemporary works like Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, both film and literature alike have a soft spot for the insane. But what makes these characters believable and why do readers love a madman or a hysteric woman? Well, say hello to Tyler Durdan and get ready for a trip to the asylum because the first rule of madness is that we don’t talk about madness. And if it’s your first time going mad, well, then you have to scream.

SAT 3-4 When the Weird Go Pro: Exploring the Parameters and Considering the Directions of a Literary Renaissance – SARNATH

Some would call it a Renaissance. Not your daddy’s Lovecraft mythos pastiche, the Weird in the hands of today’s writers owes as much or more to literary titans such as Melville, Borges, McCarthy and Carter. Others talk about the New Weird and consider it a global movement. What is Weird fiction? Does defining the Weird focus or limit its growth? Why now, why is this literary movement so exciting, and what does the future hold for the Weird?

World Horror Convention 2014

I just received my World Horror Convention 2014 schedule. The con is almost upon us, which means (a) I have a lot of writing to finish – immediately, and (b) I must prepare for the con. See you all in Portland!

Friday, 2-3 pm, Writer’s Workshop, in which Paul Dale Anderson and I critique a 50-page partial & synopsis for someone

Friday, 6-8 pm, Mass Signing. If for some insane reason, you want my autograph, please bring books. I will have very few (if any) with me.

Saturday, 11 am-noon, Research for Horror Writing. Horror writers talk about how they research the dark and mysterious past to use in their fiction writing. Christine Morgan, Lois Gresh, Lisa Manetti, Alan M. Clark, James Chambers, Rocky Wood

Saturday, 2-3 pm, You’ll Never Get Out Alive! Advice to New Writers. Professional authors with decades of combined field experience tell the audience everything they wish they could tell their younger selves when they were starting out as writers. Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, Weston Ochse, Lois Gresh, F. Paul Wilson

Saturday, 6:30-9:30 pm. Stoker Award Ceremony & Banquet, in which I not only have fun but this year, have the honor of presenting the Non-Fiction Award along with Les Klinger. I suppose that we must concoct some appropriate babbling (in polite terms, known as banter).

Sunday, 11 am-noon, Between Two Worlds, Finding Time to Write. How do we as writers carve out a big enough chunk from our other lives to sit down, clear our minds, and practice our craft? Lois Gresh, Minerva Zimmerman, Cameron Pierce, Sally Bosco, Sunni Brock


World Horror Convention – mini report

WHC3(left photo) “girls just wanna have fun” – with Lois Gresh, Sephera Giron, Mandy Slater, Nancy Kilpatrick, and Rebecca Senese.
WHC4(right photo) Party time at WHC! – with Jason V Brock, Sunni Brock and Lois Gresh at Hotel Monteleone.

Arrived in NOLA on Wed, went to vampire shop with Nancy Kilpatrick, then hit one voodoo shop. Dinner was so-so, a mountain of fried whatevers, the best of the whatevers being the french fries. We hung out with Mandy Slater at her palatial suite at the Hyatt, where she had free wine and cookies. Ran into Ramsey Campbell and his wife, enroute to the swamps to see alligators. The Carousel Bar was like being on an elevator, with my stomach dropping whenever I dared to focus on the fact we were literally spinning – is it a good idea to have a spinning bar when people’s heads are already spinning? Rio Youers kept spinning past with different walls behind him – very strange.

With one-night-only third roomie, Denise Dumars, went to voodoo cultural center, where she taught me everything I’d ever want to know about voodoo. Then several of us went to Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District.

I was dying to see Anne Rice’s house, and we swung by one of her houses and took some photos. Also stopped at a former orphanage, where she housed family members at one point.

After registering for the con, a bunch of us went trolling in the French Quarter. Included were Nancy, Mandy, Sephera Giron, and a couple of people from Toronto (Rebecca and Bob), had absinthe (tres fine), and obtained strange super-sweet yet oddly peppered neon blue drinks in flashing skull mugs. Everyone except Mandy and me disappeared into a chicken shack. God only knows what they were doing in a chicken shack, presumably eating the birds but one never knows with a horror crowd. Mandy and I ducked into a place to spend an hour listening to a great Cajun band.

Hung out with ST Joshi, Jason Brock, Bill Nolan, Caitlin Kiernan, Kathryn, and Jerad Walters, and spoke to Cait about Drowning Girl. I made quick work of the dealers’ room, mainly because people were hawking books so aggressively that I was uncomfortable.

I ended up at the glorious Centipede Press table, where Jerad didn’t have to hawk anything aggressively. His books are beyond beautiful, and I snapped up both the Hannes Bok collection and the HPL whopper art volume. Naughty me, but I couldn’t resist.

Dinner was super-fast the following night due to the signing. Lovely meal with ST, Mary, and Nancy. Attended Heather Graham’s party, and at some point, I talked to Jason and Sunni Brock for an hour – I think it was approx 2 am. Great seeing people like John Palisano, Ellen Datlow, Lisa Morton, Yvonne Navarro, many others.  

WHC1(left photo, courtesy of pasadenalisa) WHC Panel, “Writing Horror” – New Orleans 2013 – with Jay Wilburn, John Urbancik, Norman L. Rubenstein, Alexandra Sokoloff, Lois Gresh and John R. Little.

Somebody told me about a secret dealers’ room, where I discovered all the books I might have bought… but didn’t.

WHC2(left photo, courtesy of pasadenalisa) With William F. Nolan, Anya Martin, Lois Gresh, Tonya L De Marco, Guy Anthony De Marco, Sunni Brock, Beth Gwinn, Jason V Brock, Nancy Kilpatrick and Erinn Kemper at the banquet, WHC, New Orleans.

After the banquet, hung out for a few hours with ST, Mary, Jason, Sunni, Bill Nolan, Erinn, Cait, and Kathryn. Went to bed at 2 am, then awakened at 6:30 to catch my flight home. Whew.