LHG_152x167My passion is science fiction and fantasy, and if you want to get really specific, I’d say it’s weird fiction.

Over the years, I’ve also written a lot of pop science books and literary guides, which are close to my heart but in a different way from my fiction. My goal is to entertain readers and open new avenues of thinking about everything from literature to neutrinos to space exploration to human relationships.

I’ll be a Special Guest of Honor at NecronomiCon 2015 in Providence, RI. More news about this Lovecraftian shindig as we get closer! For now, suffice it to say that I’m both grateful and excited to be a Special Guest of Honor.


DF_FINALCOVER_front_109x278DARK FUSIONS: Where Monsters Lurk!
(editor, PS Publishing, Nov. 2013)

Welcome to DARK FUSIONS: Where Monsters Lurk!, a smorgasbord of weird fiction, dark science fiction and fantasy, and horror written by, among others, finalists and winners of the Bram Stoker Award, the International Horror Guild Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, and the Arthur Ellis Award. Within these pages you’ll find stories that fuse all the elements of dark fiction.

“Dark Fusions: Where Monsters Lurk!, edited by Lois H. Gresh (PS Publishing) is an entertaining all-original anthology of eighteen supernatural, sf/horror, dark fantasy, and horror stories, many containing monsters. The most interesting are by Cody Goodfellow, Nicholas Kaufmann, Nancy Kilpatrick, Lisa Morton, Norman Prentiss, David Sakmyster, Darrell Schweitzer, and Ann K. Schwader.”

–Ellen Datlow in BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2013


Eldritch_ppbk_190x278ELDRITCH EVOLUTIONS
(26 Weird Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Stories)
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(Chaosium, 2011)

*Preliminary Ballot for HWA Best Collection of 2011
*Wee Sweet Girlies short-listed for BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2011 
*4 stories received Honorable Mentions, BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2011 
(ed., Ellen Datlow)

“Eldritch Evolutions by Lois H. Gresh is the author’s first collection and it brings together twenty-six stories published between 1993 and 2011, nine of which appear for the first time. Although best known for writing Lovecraftian pastiches, Gresh also writes science fiction and weird westerns and her best work is very good indeed, particularly the dark fairy tale, ‘Wee Sweet Girlies.’”

- Ellen Datlow in BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2011



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(St. Martin’s Press, 2014)

“Informative, interesting, and fun….It’s well written, informative and loaded with interesting facts even the most Non-Erudite person can get into. It’s an analytical behind the scenes look at the book and its themes as a whole. Fans who enjoyed the book or those looking for a more in-depth guide to the series should definitely check this out.” — Young Adult Books Central

THE DIVERGENT COMPANION answers questions such as:

  • Do the factions actually make sense? Do we have factions in the real world, and if so, what are they?
  • Are we all more Divergent than we think?
  • How might the serums and transmitters work? Are they at all realistic?
  • How far away are we in the real world to the genetic manipulations in Allegiant?
  • Is it possible to change an entire population and alter the way everybody thinks by toying with genes?
  • Are mirror neurons real, and do they make people think in a more divergent fashion?
  • What does creativity have to do with the Divergent?
  • How is Tris’s brain really wired?
  • Is it true, as Tris worries, that the size of our brain sections determines who we are and what we do, that our brain anatomy defines our entire personalities?
  • What is the Milgram experiment, and how does it tie in to the events of the Divergent trilogy?
  • How do the serums and neurotransmitters really work? Is all this possible?
  • How do the simulations really work? Are they possible?
  • How does a simulation induce fear in somebody?
  • Can two people be inside the same simulation at the same time?

and much more.



LOIS H. GRESH is the New York Times Best-Selling Author (6 times), Publishers Weekly Best-Selling Paperback Author, Publishers Weekly Best-Selling Paperback Children’s Author, and USA Today Best-Selling Author  of 27 books and 55 short stories. She has 1 million books in print in 22 languages. Current books are DARK FUSIONS: WHERE MONSTERS LURK! (editor, PS Publishing, Nov 2013), story collection ELDRITCH EVOLUTIONS (Chaosium 2011, BookViewCafe ebook 2012), and THE DIVERGENT COMPANION (St. Martin’s Press, Feb 2014). Look for INNSMOUTH NIGHTMARES (editor, PS Publishing, 2015),  BLACK WINGS III (PS Publishing, 2014), MADNESS OF CTHULHU (Titan Books, 2014), SEARCHERS AFTER HORROR (Fedogan & Bremer, 2014), THAT IS NOT DEAD (PS Publishing, 2014), EXPIRATION DATE (Edge SFF Publishing, 2014), DARK FANTASTIQUE (Cycatrix Press, 2014), BLACK WINGS IV (PS Publishing, 2014), MARK OF THE BEAST (Chaosium, 2014), ELDRITCH CHROME (Chaosium, 2014), MOUNTAIN WALKED (Centipede Press, 2014), and MAD SCIENCE CAFE (BookViewCafe, 2013), JEWS VS. ALIENS (Jurassic London, 2014), etc. Lois has received Bram Stoker Award, Nebula Award, Theodore Sturgeon Award, and International Horror Guild Award nominations for her work.


  • Writer Guest, Ancient Aliens, History Channel, airs often
  • Writer Guest, Batman Tech, History Channel, airs often
  • Special Guest of Honor (GOH), NecronomiCon 2015, Providence, RI
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH), Roc-Con 2014
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH), Roc-Con 2012
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH), Eeriecon 2011
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH), Roc-Con 2011
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH) Speaker, Hofstra University Conference, November 2007
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH) Speaker, New York Academy of Sciences, NYC, November 2007
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH) Speaker, The Century Club, Rochester, NY, September 2007
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH) Speaker, University Librarian Conference, Colorado, June 2007
  • After Dinner Speaker, Ninth Rochester International Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics, June 2007
  • Writer Guest of Honor (GOH) and Speaker, Perugia Science Festival, Italy, 2006
  • Featured by Scientific American Book Club, Science Fiction Book Club, and Library of Science Book Club
  • Featured in New York Times Book Review, USA Today, Science News, Publisher’s Weekly, National Geographic, Physics Today, New Scientist, U.S. News and World Report, Entertainment Weekly, many others
  • On Nebula preliminary ballot for Best Novel of 1999, Science Fiction Writers of America, Inc.
  • On national fiction ballots six times for Best Story of the Year
  • Won national award for best modern cyborg science fiction; story published in international graduate-level Cyborg Handbook/Routledge Press
  • Television: Interviewed on national Fox News television, BBC World Science News, live news programs & talk shows in NYC, Connecticut, Virginia, Rochester, Canada; featured in Batman Tech & Ancient Aliens, History Channel; interviewed by television producers from Discovery Channel, ABC News
  • Radio: Interviewed by hundreds of radio stations, including National Public Radio, the BBC, 5 cable networks in Canada
  • Best of Show Award (top award given), Rochester Society for Technical Communications, 2003, for The Science of Superheroes; entry went to the International Competition
  • Teen science books and novels endorsed by the American Library Association, Voice of Youth Advocates, School Library Journal, Today’s Librarian
  • Books published in 22 languages & available worldwide: Italy, Japan, Spain, Russia, Germany, Portugal, France, Brazil, Thailand, Korea, China, Estonia, England, Canada/French, Finland, Poland, Czech, etc.
  • Staff novel reviewer – Science Fiction Cable Channel, Nov 2004-Dec 2009, RIP